My Bio

Feedback is so very appreciated. I’d like it to come off a little sarcastic but not tooooo cringey. Maybe a healthy speck.   “Joey McCrone is a purveyor of creation. When she is not sculpting or painting the intricacies of the human form, she can be found writing about heartbreak and her own ironic nihilism. […]

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Southern Wild

Purple lights twinkle over the murky water in the bayou, and the frogs chirp and croak past the knobby trees, and I think back to my brown mother and her long black hair, and the freckles that kissed her grenadine cheeks, and the way she held a beer in one hand and her fried alligator […]

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I’m really very tempted

To shave off my eyebrows. Or bleach my hair. Or maybe just shave my whole head too, and dye the little roots pink or white. I’ve grown so attached to my hair and my overall appearance that it’ll be hard, but there are too many old associations with the way I look now and things […]

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Exploding Head Syndrome 

In the purgatory between sleep and wakefulness there are men that talk. They murmur to each other soft and deliberately, the words of their reciprocated chatter unintelligible. As my head fills with the thick syrup of fatigue they grow in number. Sometimes a woman speaking to her child joins them, and they grow and grow […]

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A Capsule

Sleep eats my eyes like bleach a pair of silk shorts. Your voice is my thoughts. In my dreams I’m strangling someone, my palms are almost touching themselves through this neck, I’m squeezing so hard, and this horror and guilt and immense shame and noise fills me up and rattles my head so bad that […]

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Glass, I guess

When I fall asleep at night my eyelashes kiss stars. I use manicured nails to file away the constellations, insincerely romancing each one along the way, and as I do I drink moonlight to make sure I have the energy to do it right. There is an order to everything and everything has its place. […]

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It feels like a once in a lifetime event to experience a rain so cleansing, so baptizing on your skin that the fat drops suddenly make you feel new. The jazz from the night before serves as the backdrop to your thoughts, the blue dawn is the sea from which your new self surfaces. The […]

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When he walks down the street at night there is relative silence, save for the cicadas and crickets that have conversations across the yards. The air is cold. His nose is full of thin mucus. He’s rounding the corner to home. But there’s one house whose presence builds, even after the rest are sleeping. As […]

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