I sat slumped in a hard foam chair behind the two anorexic girls, digging my nails into the armrests and pulling the stuffing to outdo the vandals before me. Fingernails marks crescented my knuckles from habits more destructive to the self. The girls curled their knees up to their chests and let their dry laughs […]

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Lucid Dreaming

It was my gray boy, but skinnier and more handsome, this time. He was shot while with me at a hockey game. His obliterated nose poured over the side of the railing his white face rested on, red, gory. Men hunched cowardly behind the seats, the gunman hurled lightning from the ice, and my chest […]

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Riverbed Runs Wild

Walking on a thin stone levy next to a river, the native peoples at my back. I felt at one with them, and with the rocks and the sky, I felt all of their energy in me. I swayed with each pulse of air and found my footing without thought. And a voice overtook me; […]

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Doctor Burgess

I’m scattering and skittering my head and conscious through it all, and such strange behaviors are usually saved for the ones on the bottom of the soil who never wake up and become all right in the brain. My indoctrination was on a Wednesday evening and interestingly enough, most do happen on a Wednesday after […]

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A Veteran’s Flag Scribble

The old man peered into the window of his silver Buick before leaving. His hat kind of slouched on the headrest of the passenger side, tilted as if a drunken man lay slumped in the seat of the car. It hadn’t been moved in a long, long time. Under the pert, white brim, the man […]

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Cicadas and synth, lo and behold them, While you eat Dylan’s chocolate pareils on a fire escape. Feel a few good feelings with a not-so-great name, (Don’t kick over the hotel glass, remember) And under the little window skyscraper signs roll off molly, shooting love into the sky. Take your post-curfew pictures. Swap the batteries […]

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The Night Sweats

There are people talking upstairs. Jammered and mummed out by the insulation and the carpeting and foam and all the wood, but they’re talking up there and I can hear it. The sounds loop around quick and exact and hard, it’s definitely an athlete’s speech. Like a Ra-ra-ra! Ra-ra! going and going, for hours sometimes, […]

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A Vietnamese Girl’s Dance

Huron be gentle with my careless heart, Return me from the sea with your buoyancy lovely. There’s no desire for me and my air depart. • We’ve named the hungry machine in which thought, a spare part, We agree for you to oh, please, drink reverently in our discovery. Huron, be gentle with my careless […]

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Irish Goodbye

There is some symbolism in Carrying your shoes outside before dawn, Behind two creators dearest.   Slip down the valley in some socks and a pullover, Save the questions for the strange morning.   All daughters kill their mothers eventually.

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I Always Know

I barely know you yet. I know you’re cute, and I met you a couple weeks ago I guess. But I can’t wait to do it all with you. I’m not sure what your middle name is, but I know you like leafy greens, and being in other people’s houses because of your anxiety, and […]

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