You’ll Mean It

Prom. Room is pure gold. I’m in a black skin tight dress dancing with Jack and Mrs. Hobbs is watching, closely. She knows his reputation. He stops moving for a bit and tries to put his hands below my belt line. She’s watching, I push his hand away. Stop. No. Not now. He hesitates, frowns […]

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Mason Todd

Dusty moonlit paths will lead you to the clearing. Trees don’t grow there, anymore, but the grass drinks the clear sunlight and carbon sucked from old white wood, the bones of thunderstruck maples feeding the primitive organisms of fungi and rot and decay their strength. Branches bleached by day and stripped of bark clink and […]

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Shotput Ball

Black X’s on my hands, mark me for no liquor. Cram your fists into your mouth and find out just how much of yourself you can eat. Divinity, you are divinity, whether you slather yourself in red rouge and whitewashed powder or you lay yourself naked and bare for the world to witness, unabashed. Tear […]

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Shotgun in the Ravine

I am the thunder that topples over the hills in summer sanctuaries and sucks its oases dry in winter, The old snow coated God that makes the frozen lakes part of himself. What I touch turns to glass. What I break fixes itself in spite. And the beings haunted by autumn breath, carried by winds […]

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Not knowing what to do. Not knowing who to see, today. Yesterday it was the woman wielding dripping eyeliner wings like knives, Tomorrow it’ll be the man draped in leopard skins, drinking liquid velour from a goblet the size of his head. But someday, not today. Far into the future. There will be a day […]

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Slideshow for Sleep

There are grand conversations to be held here. In some great gnashings of teeth, in the charging strides of vocal excellence, whose timbre rattles the speaker’s ribs as it pours rivers from the mouth. They find tangibility in the shames that leave the listener bare and yet oddly complete. The defense of good grace is […]

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Your Looks Can Kill, Darling

Rain pelted the roof in hard sheets that sounded like the sour fire of machine guns, the wind blowing so fiercely the walls of the house billowed and warped like the lungs of a giant. The modest levy around the town had not kept the water from encroaching further and further onto the property, and […]

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As soon as you’re 18?

Just taking a second to reflect: Had I not grabbed up all my courage and free love, or the rest of me taped onto strewn money and crumbling clay, I’d be engaged today. I’d be engaged to be wed, to be married. To be an eighteen-year-old wife, living out in the Colorado wilderness with a […]

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Cable Knit Sweater

My college campus is unsafe. People do not trust each other. They carry guns in their pockets and think about ending lives, sometimes in self defense, sometimes in unadulterated offense. The blatant aggressors wear the same clothes as us, act like us, but do not have the decency to treat us as equals if they […]

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