Gold Leaf

It’s bright in this little circle I’m standing in, where the lamplight sits on the tops of my eyes and the air nibbles at my face, and the blunt trauma of the night time tries its best to beat away the ambrosia lighting up my cheeks. I’m throwing heat into the system like an overclocked […]

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On the Half Shell

He told me don’t worry, don’t worry, And he filled my pockets with black stones, and brought my hands to fill his with gold ones. They were weighty and iridescent in my hands, they shined so deeply my skin looked pale as parchment in comparison. The ore called me out to the sea, to the […]

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An Essay On Fictional Realism

Writing fiction is a delicate balance of the suspension of disbelief and indulgence in the fantastic and arbitrary, while creating a product somewhat true to life. Most creative fiction is typically in a universe more ideal, or exponentially worse than waking life, in an attempt to pull the reader from a mundane existence. This may […]

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I’m from the subtle comfort of stale Marlboro smoke and black ice, Of crooked teeth and yellow eyes that look hungrily out of the window before leaping headfirst out of it. I’m from the block where taste aversion lived, where moon kissed skin was prettier than copper complexions, Where children were coaxed from lush neat […]

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Carved Marble

I see her in the ocean foam that curls in on the coast with wavebreak, and in all the sandy rooms that you drag along with you in bare feet. In mossy green breath that rolls over the horizon, brushing a hand over white wheat, breathing the day humid and long. I see her in […]

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Aku’s Daughter

Come I’ll melt you down The oceans thunder, Ave Maria   Hung Don’t touch her crown Common wonder, Ave Maria   There’s Yggdrasil in weather vanes, gypsum in the windowpanes, they’re calling… Whiskey tills in fire lanes, iron for the lover’s spade, I’m calling…   Amun-Ra is Sun Amun-Ra is Sun   Come I’ll pull […]

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20 Stone Bloke

He sits down to enjoy the meal he has made for himself, copying the actions of his countless past nannies, folding the napkin in his spindly hands and tucking it beneath the crisp collar of his shirt. The preparation and execution of each course was incredibly laborious, more so than Lewella made it look in […]

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Happy Anniversary

Today we celebrate the life of my wife, who we all knew and cherished. She was always creating and breathing life into what she touched, all the way up until the end. She touched the lives of many of us here, myself included. She breathed a ray of sunshine into my life that’ll leave me […]

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Icarus Complex

Nothing more than a firm hold, please. Wrap your fingers around your stomach already, but don’t squeeze.  They told you, that’s bad for you, that’s how heart attacks happen. And they will happen, Mr. I-Don’t-Have-Chest-Pains-Anymore.  They have and they will. So grow up into the nice strong man you were meant to be, be the […]

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Food Diary

That’s what you get for having a bowl in your car They’ll ask you to leave but not all that politely, And you’ll stay in your house in your short sleeves with your bare arms And mourn over the bowl in your own home So let the strings hang from the sharp tips of your […]

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